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BRSI – Belgian Road Safety Institute

As a strategic partner, TomaCom guides BIVV-IBSR at corporate level. Together with the managing director, Kris Verbeeck, TomaCom has worked on a stronger corporate positioning of BIVV-IBSR. We also developed a range of new projects and campaigns, such as the new BOB campaigns (‘to BOB’ concept), the speed campaigns ‘Respect’ in Brussels, and the annual National Road Unsafety Survey. Also, Kris Verbeeck coaches the communication team and closely works with the knowledge center to coordinate campaigns and knowledge.

Reference: Karin Genoe (CEO)

BOB Viral video 2014


BOB Campaign Video 2015

NVOVE - ENIR 2012 Speed

BOB Campaign 2014

SGVV - EGSR 2015

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