Our creative team puts results foremost: no creation for novelty’s sake, but above all conveying the right message and using the most effective communication tools to actually reach and affect your target audience. Whether we’re communicating with the public at large, with a B2B client or a consumer, we are only satisfied with the most optimal result for our client. TomaCom therefore offers a complete creative range to accommodate the success of our clients at every stage and in every context.


Corporate identity

Development of your corporate identity with guidelines for consistent application.


Development of internal and external brand identity.

Campaign development

From core concept to development of the media mix.

Concept & art direction

Idea generation and concept elaboration for products and visual creations.

Sales communication

Preparation of operating, service and product presentations.


Taking care of your image vis-à-vis the outside world through the right communication.

Event management

Organisation and follow-up
of your events.

Conversation management

Management of your social
media content.

Graphic design

Visual development
and photo editing.


The right tone for your offline and online texts.

Traditional media

Small and large printed material for all applications.

Online media

From creation of websites, applications, e-letters,… to social seeding, SEO and SEA


Images, whether of people, products or landscapes.

Audio recording

Studio recordings for radio spots and the like.


From animation videos to TV spots and viral videos.


Videos for training and business presentations.

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