Since the year 2000, DesleeClama passes its marketing policy to TomaCom. TomaCom defines the yearly marketing strategy and takes care of worldwide marketing and implementation, such as the creation of new brands, engaging customers, organizing fairs, building fair booths and communication concerning durable entrepreneurship.

In 2015, TomaCom has developed much essential elements for the Interzum fair in Cologne, such as a unique experience corridor on the exhibition stand, which we named ‘the Innovation Alley’. In this corridor, DesleeClama exposes and shows all of their innovations in an interactive environmental experience and atmosphere. Also, TomaCom has developed 8 new brands, from brand equity, identity, to the elaboration to six different languages.

The corporate brochure and trend book, developed by TomaCom, were key communication tools for the exhibition. Additionally, many communication tools such as e-invitations, ads, and press releases were created in order to make the 2015 Interzum edition an absolute success for DesleeClama.

Reference: Hans Dewaele (CEO)

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