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In 2008, Red Cross Flanders experienced a decrease in the number of blood and plasma donors and the company was challenged to re-increase the number of donors. TomaCom therefore developed a strong strategic plan, and launched the campaign of ‘Bloedgevendoetleven’. The target of 48.000 new blood donors was achieved easily. TomaCom then signed a long term cooperation as a strategic communication partner of Red Cross Flanders and is responsible for the entire execution of all marketing campaigns of Red Cross Flanders – Blood Division, for example the blood type campaign (Who will you help?) and Bloedserieus.

Reference: Philippe Vandekerckhove (CEO)

TV Commercial 2014

TV Commercial 2013

Welkomdag 2015

Warme 2016

Wereldbloeddonordag 2015

TV Commercial 2016

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